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Dec 14, 2005 at 8:32am


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Ok, I’ll admit it; I’ve never seen the original Star Wars trilogy on the big screen. Return of the Jedi ended its theatrical run before I was born, and until middle school, Star Wars was an idle curiosity. It was the release of the Special Edition that drew me into the world that is Star Wars, though I did not have the foresight to catch it in the theaters. I am very much part of the second wave of fans, and for me Star Wars has been defined by the Pre-Episode One Expanded Universe more than the films. My specialty, like VOID, is 3d modeling, a handy skill to have when you need to make orthos. My first deckplan began its life as some sketches on paper before being realized in bluescale, and served as entertainment on slow weekends while I was living abroad. Development was slow and the design was fairly simple. Subsequent designs have benefited from 3d models to work from, allowing more complexity and quicker development. I’ve always had an interest in the way things work and how they’re designed, so naturally as I wandered deeper into the Star Wars universe, I began looking for diagrams, specs, and deckplans. This ultimately led me to the Star Wars Deckplans Alliance, and I began deckplanning my own ships. When Lucas P opened the forums, I posted my work, and thus joined the deckplanning community. The Corona found me rather than the other way around (since this also happened to VOID with the Nella, I suspect this might wind up being a pattern). I posted a quick sketch that brought together a number of ideas that had been floating around the WIP thread and found myself the de-facto artist for the project when people liked it. The rest is history.



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